Scottish Crown Estate Makes Local Voice Stronger

The Scottish Parliament has approved a legislation which enables local authorities and communities to have a stronger voice in the management of the Crown Estate’s assets.

Under the reforms, the Scottish Crown Estate Bill establishes a framework to deliver wider benefits and new opportunities for local control of the assets, while recognizing that some may still need to be managed at national level.

“We’re really pleased that this new legislation has been approved by The Scottish Parliament. It helps give our tenants clarity and certainty about how the land and property they depend on may be managed in the future,” said Simon Hodge, Crown Estate Scotland Chief Executive.

“Since starting operation in April 2017, we’ve worked hard to deliver wider economic, social and environmental value for Scotland, as well as returning profits to the Scottish Government. This includes ambitious proposals for new offshore wind leasing, a scheme to devolve management of land and property to local bodies, a £4.5m rural investment plan and much more. “

According to Hodge, the new legislation will enable the Crown Estate to focus even more on managing its assets in ways that benefit Scotland’s economy, people and environment.