South Korea on OW Fact-Finding Trip to Denmark

A delegation from the Korean National Assembly has paid a visit to the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) to study Denmark’s experience in the development of offshore wind.

A delegation of parliamentarians from the Korean National Assembly, together with representatives from governmental institutions such as the Korean Energy Agency, visited DEA on 19 November to discuss Denmark’s energy transition.

According to DEA, the aim of the South Korean delegation was to deepen the understanding of the regulatory framework that Denmark has established to support the development of wind power while promoting public acceptance. The Danish experience in offshore wind auctions was the central topic.

South Korea and Denmark entered into a renewable energy cooperation agreement at the beginning of November when the Danish Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Christian Lilleholt visited Korea.

The two countries are cooperating on the development of energy policy and regulations for renewables in South Korea, with focus on offshore wind, and further including onshore wind, solar energy and energy storage.

The agreement will also enable working on joint projects, joint technology development, and joint entry into third countries

In 2017, the South Korean government defined an energy plan to have at least 20% of electricity produced by renewables by 2030. New wind capacity is expected to make 16.5GW, with nearly 12GW being offshore.

South Korean President Moon recently announced a 4GW solar-offshore wind complex that will be built at the center of the Saemangeum reclaimed land area in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do Province.