Korea Floats Solar-Offshore Wind Combo Project

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has announced a 4GW solar-offshore wind complex with the Saemangeum reclaimed land area in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do Province, at its centre.

The complex will comprise a 3GW floating solar farm combined with a 1GW offshore wind complex near Gunsan, according to local media.

“One of the world’s biggest solar energy and offshore wind energy generation facilities will be built in the Saemangeum area,” President Moon was reported by Korea.net as saying.

“The renewable energy production in this area will be a turning point for Korea’s renewable energy business that will foster the nation’s competitiveness in the field.”

The first phase of the project will reportedly include developing 2.4GW of solar and 600MW of offshore wind capacity to be commissioned by 2022.

The government plans to place KRW 10 trillion private investment in Saemangeum area to establish this solar and wind energy complex that will generate power equivalent to the output of four nuclear generators, Korea.net said.

“We will raise the level of renewable energy technology by placing related manufacturers and research institutes in the new renewable energy complex,” President Moon said.

“The renewable energy project in Saemangeum is the touchstone of Korea’s new energy policies.”