Siemens Gamesa and Ørsted Ink First US Offshore Wind Turbine Deal

Ørsted and Siemens Gamesa have signed a subcontract to supply wind turbines for the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project founded by Dominion Energy.

Image source: Siemens Gamesa

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind farm is a two-turbine demonstration project owned by Dominion Energy and constructed by Ørsted.

Dominion Energy and Ørsted entered into a strategic initiative in 2017 to jointly develop the 12MW demonstration project.

Ørsted will construct the demo wind farm using two units of Siemens Gamesa’s 6-MW SWT-6.0-154 wind turbines.

“We are delighted to be moving forward on the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind initiative,” said Thomas Brostrøm, President of Ørsted North America.

“Siemens Gamesa’s record of exceptional technology, combined with our prior successful partnership experience around the world, will demonstrate how Virginia residents and businesses can experience the benefits of clean, reliable, cost competitive offshore wind energy.”

Ørsted and Siemens Gamesa have a longstanding partnership. In 2013, Ørsted developed the first pilot project for Siemens Gamesa’s 6-MW platform, Gunfleet Sands III, located off the coast of United Kingdom. The two companies have contracted, manufactured, installed and commissioned a total volume of approximately 2,700 MW of offshore wind across the globe.

“We are extremely proud to provide our turbines to Ørsted’s and Dominion Energy’s offshore wind project, and it marks a major milestone in our company’s history,” said Joergen Scheel, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Vice President, Offshore, North America.

“We have always believed in the future of offshore wind power in the United States, and with so much wind potential off the Virginia coast, we are excited to finally add our state-of-the-art turbine technology to the country’s energy mix.”

The Siemens Gamesa blades for this project will be produced at the company’s manufacturing facility in Aalborg, Denmark, and the nacelle assemblies will originate from the Siemens Gamesa facility in Cuxhaven, Germany. Once in Virginia, the turbine components will be installed by Ørsted on monopile foundations. Deliveries are expected to begin in mid-2020.

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind will be built within a research lease area adjacent to the 112,700-acre lease area currently held by Dominion Energy, located approximately 27 miles off the Atlantic coast of Virginia. The lease area has a potential wind energy capacity of at least 2GW.

“When we announced our initiative with Ørsted last year, we knew great things were on the horizon,” said Mark Mitchell, Vice President of Generation Construction for Dominion Energy.

“Today’s announcement welcoming Siemens Gamesa to the team is further evidence that Virginia is poised to be a leader in the offshore wind industry. It also demonstrates that our customers can be sure that Dominion is committed to a sustainable future.”

The Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind project continues what previously was called the Virginia Offshore Wind Technology Assessment Project. Dominion Energy began work on the project in 2011 as part of a Department of Energy grant to develop and test new wind technologies that could lower costs and withstand hurricanes. Key achievements were made to advance the project during that time, including BOEM’s approval of the Research Activities Plan; environmental studies, including avian and bat surveys; and assessments of ocean currents, archaeological conditions, and whale migration patterns.