Global Maritime, Unisea to Boost SolstadFarstad’s DP Capabilities

Image source: Global Maritime

Global Maritime and Unisea have won a five-year contract to provide dynamic positioning (DP) assurance software solutions to SolstadFarstad’s fleet of offshore service and supply vessels, which the Norwegian vessel provider is also using in the offshore wind sector.

SolstadFarstad's vessel Normand Jarstein; Image source: DEME Group/ archive

The new software, to be integrated with SolstadFarstad’s current on-board software, will make the implementation and documentation of DP testing easier and will avoid vessel downtime, according to the two consultancies.

Tor Inge Dale, COO of SolstadFarstad, said: “SolstadFarstad appreciates that a long and solid cooperation with both Global Maritime and UniSea will lead to modern solutions for the company. It’s a definite strategic solution for us at SolstadFarstad to choose delivery partners and solutions that sets us up for the digital future.”

Egil Kvannli, CEO of Global Maritime, for which this represents the biggest DP assurance contract in its history, said: “Offshore businesses must change to become more digital and Global Maritime and UniSea are leading the way in delivering innovative and cost-effective digital solutions across the industry. We hope that other companies will follow suit.”

Among business SolstadFarstad has done in the offshore wind sector is the contract with Tideway from 2017, when the Norwegian company signed an agreement to charter its DP2 accommodation and walk-to-work vessel Normand Jarstein for inter-array cabling works at the Merkur offshore wind farm in Germany.