Conbit Designs Re-Usable Monopile Sea-Fastening System

Special lifting and structural engineering company Conbit has designed a re-usable sea-fastening solution for monopiles.

Image source: Conbit

The Vickas system is said to enable safe sea-fastening of monopiles with a large variety of diameters and weighing up to 1,350t, without changing the sea fastening configuration.

According to the company, the Vickas system eliminates the huge amount of ‘seafastening scrap’ remaining after each monopile installation project.

The system is said to be designed in a way that it can be used on many different types of vessels and barges. It allows for stacking monopiles, facilitates skidding, and enables easy replacement of critical components.

Joop de Fouw, Technical Director for Conbit, said: “Conbit believes this system will bring cost benefits to the transport and installation contractor and ultimately to the offshore wind farm developer. Furthermore, the deck crew on the installation vessel will enjoy working with Vickas, because of its flexibility and efficiency.”