Former Heerema Marine Contractors CEO Joins Kenz Figee Group

Dutch offshore lifting equipment provider Kenz Figee Group has appointed Jan Pieter Klaver as the company’s new CEO.

Along with the appointment of the new CEO, Kenz Figee Group has also announced plans to focus more on markets such as offshore wind and dredging.

The company emphasizes that the newly designed gangways and the development of marine transfer vessel SeaSpyder are good examples of the ability to be innovative with creative outcomes.

Prior to joining Kenz Figee, Klaver served at Heerema Group for 26 years in a variety of positions. In 2004, he joined the board of the Heerema Fabrication Group and in 2009 he joined Heerema Marine Contractors, first as COO and from 2010 until June 2017 as CEO.

Klaver plans to acquire a part of shares from MeeMaken BV, a Utrecht-based investment fund which bought Kenz Figee in 2016.

“I got to know Kenz Figee as a motivated organization with an enormous ability to innovate,” Klaver said. “As an entrepreneur I will invest myself in the company by taking over 20% of the shares from MeeMaken BV.”

The Kenz Figee Group’s scope of work includes the design, production and maintenance of offshore and harbor cranes. With the increase in offshore drilling and production activities in the North Sea, the company expanded its product portfolio towards offshore hoisting and lifting equipment.

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