The Steel and Iron Foundry

By Allard-Europe

Allard-Europe, who is part of the DIHAG Holding, is a niche specialist present in a lot of branches. Thanks to our expert staff and high-tech equipment we advise our customers on personalized solutions for their benefit. Moreover, we advise you on casting design, alloy choice and through the entire production process.

Allard offers its services to a variety of sectors. These include dredging, offshore, shipbuilding, cement and mining, energy and metal. Within all of these it tailors its services to meet the particular challenges and demands of Allard’s customers. In terms of its dredging provision Allard has developed a lot of experience in designing, pouring and machining of castings for the dredging industry. It is due to these years of activity within the sector that its quality department has developed materials specific for wear-resistant applications.

What unites these areas is a focus on finding the best materials, the ability of Allard to achieve this through its many years of experience, and the importance it places upon working so closely with its customers to understand their needs and applications. It has also been made possible through the large investments that the company has made into its facilities and machinery, such as its CNC machines, CAM software, 3D design systems, and many more.

With this state-of-the-art-technology Allard-Europe guarantees the precision and pace to produce complicated designs and castings. This is why Allard-Europe has a strong position in the market. As a reliable partner, high quality iron and steel castings are being produced for partners from all over the world. No matter which application purpose or industrial sector, we hold the scientific exercise to offer the appropriate solution for our customer’s needs.

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