Expertise Hub VIDEO: Innovative Industry Keeps MARIN Busy

Offshore wind has been keeping organisations such as MARIN – working on testing and validation of new technology – busy for quite a while now, and the trend remains as the innovative industry is continuously on a quest to progress in almost every aspect.

Since we last spoke with MARIN’s Senior Project Manager Erik-Jan de Ridder in October 2016, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands has embarked on a Joint Industry Project (JIP) focused on transport and installation of gravity-based offshore wind foundations, among others.

Furthermore, MARINE is also currently looking at finding the optimum logistical approach to minimise the effect of vessel transfer on personnel working on an offshore wind farm.

This is only a small part of what MARIN has been working on lately, since its capabilities cover a wide range of testing, such as concept testing of new designs and full model testing – including wind turbine and pitch control systems – for the final confirmation of a design before it is built in full scale.

Find out more in our Expertise Hub interview with Erik-Jan de Ridder.

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