Reaching the Next Level with the Online International Business Guide

More insights into the worldwide supply chain and a wider selection of companies and organizations: the 2017 version of the online Offshore WIND International Business Guide promises to take the reference guide to the next level.

The new setup is mostly thanks to a new cooperation of the Offshore WIND team with TKI Wind op Zee, a Dutch organization connecting the sector with knowledge centres and stimulating innovation.

“TKI Wind op Zee had developed a very useful Supply Chain Tool to show the structure of the supply chain of the Netherlands,” Business Unit Manager Anne Visser from Offshore WIND explains.

“Our platform has an international reach of millions annually and we are continuously looking for ways to improve our platform. Some time ago we got into contact with the intention to combine the two strengths, providing the Dutch partners a wider reach and the Business Guide partners and audience with more features.”

New elements are a world map with locations of wind parks and organizations, more diversification in the different supply chain levels and the addition of knowledge centers and organizations. Also, the news coverage on is now linked with the relevant wind farms.

The Offshore WIND team will continue improving the features of the online platform and is eager to receive your feedback. Let us know your thoughts by using the contact page!