Top News of the Week, 05 – 11 June 2017

MHI Vestas Launches 9.5 MW Offshore Wind Turbine

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind has launched the V164-9.5 MW wind turbine to re-affirm the company’s drive to lower the cost of energy for offshore wind.

Study: Jack-Up Free Turbine Installation and Maintenance Makes SENSE

A new wind turbine installation and maintenance technology being developed by SENSE Offshore Limited could cut the cost of energy from future deepwater sites by around 9% and from nearshore sites by 4%, the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst study shows.

WindEurope: Floating Offshore Wind Ripe for Industrial Scale Roll-Out

Floating offshore wind is no longer consigned to the laboratory: it’s a viable technology ready to be rolled out on an industrial scale, according to the latest report from WindEurope released at the Offshore Wind Energy 2017 event in London.

Shell: Offshore Wind Industry Should Evolve Towards 10GW Integrated Projects

The offshore wind industry should abandon the practice of awarding separate leases for offshore wind farms of up to 1GW each and instead start developing large, integrated projects of up to 10GW to lower cost, create value across the supply chain, and stimulate economic growth, Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President, New Energies, Shell Gas and Power Development B.V., said.

GustoMSC Showcases Next Generation Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Design

Dutch design and engineering company GustoMSC has introduced the NG-20000X jack-up with a telescopic leg crane designed to tackle the ever increasing offshore wind turbine components.

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