GustoMSC Showcases Next Generation Wind Turbine Installation Vessel Design

Dutch design and engineering company GustoMSC has introduced the NG-20000X jack-up with a telescopic leg crane designed to tackle the ever increasing offshore wind turbine components.

GustoMSC describes the NG-20000X as the solution for the installation of the next generation wind turbine components and foundations.

This self-propelled jack-up design is characterized by a high variable load and large water-depth capability, the company said.

Equipped with the GustoMSC integrated telescopic leg crane, the NG-20000X is capable of installing heavy foundations, and when the boom is fully extended it reaches adequate lifting height and capacity to install future generation wind turbine components.

The wind turbines currently under design and testing will require a new generation of installation jack-ups to deal with the increasing weight and installation height of wind turbine components and the ever heavier foundations. However, a different strategic approach is required for the future turbines with capacities beyond 10 MW, GustoMSC said.

“Key to the new approach is to stop the spiraling trend of growing crane weights due to the increasing requirements related to the heavy foundations and high installation heights, and to stay close to the proven design technology at the same time. By scaling up the jack-up design and jacking system and solving the challenging crane requirements in an innovative manner, the NG-20000X represents the next generation wind turbine installation jack-up in all its facets,” said Jan-Mark Meeuwisse, Commercial Director GustoMSC.

The NG-20000X design enjoys the advantages of the VSD jacking system and a large unobstructed deck area. The variable load capacity of 16,500 tons enables the contractor to make a round trip carrying six complete sets of wind turbine components with a turbine weight of 1,000 tons, or carrying 7 pieces of 900-ton jacket foundations, optimizing the cost per installed turbine or foundation, GustoMSC said.

Photo: Source: GustoMSC