Orga Keeps Gemini Offshore Wind Farm Lit

Dutch provider of aviation obstruction lighting Orga BV has installed its LED obstruction light system on the recently inaugurated 600MW Gemini offshore wind farm.

Gemini, built on two locations close to each other, comprises 150 4MW Siemens wind turbines.

Orga’s system marks the wind farm’s 150 wind turbines installed some 85 kilometres off the northern coast of the Netherlands.

“Our up-to-date Obstruction light system meets our customers’ operational safety needs and complies with the most stringent of national and international regulations,” Matthieu Scheffers, Business manager at Orga, said.

”And these wind turbines – made by Siemens, the world’s leading turbine supplier for Offshore wind projects – are an important factor in realising the energy ambitions and targets set out in the Dutch Energy Transition Agreement 2013-2023.”

The offshore wind farm is owned by Northland Power (60%), Siemens Financial Services (20%), Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors BV (10%) and N.V. HVC (10%).

Photo: Source: Gemini Windpark

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