Energinet.dk Issues Kriegers Flak CTV Call

Danish transmission system operator Energinet.dk is looking for a provider of manned crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for the transportation of service crews between the harbors of Klintholm/Rødsand and the Kriegers Flak platforms KFA and KFB in the Baltic Sea.

Source: Eneginet.dk

The scope of work includes a numbers of days for stand-by, according to Energinet.dk.

The tender remains open until 12 CET, 3 April 2017. The duration of the contract is 19 months with options for two six-month extensions.

The 600MW Kriegers Flak wind farm consists of two sections, each with its own substation.

The west section, KFA, will have a total capacity of 200MW. The east section, KFB, will have a total capacity of 400MW.

The KFB substation will also serve as the support for the KFE module which is part of the so called Combined Grid Solution project run by Energinet.dk and 50 Hertz.

The two substations are due for delivery to the installation site in April 2018. Commissioning will take place in April and May of 2018.

The Kriegers Flak wind farm will be located approximately 15km east of the Danish coast in the southern part of the Baltic Sea, close to the boundaries of the exclusive offshore economic zones (EEZ) of Sweden, Germany and Denmark.