VIDEO: Design and Engineering (Expertise Hub)

With the offshore wind industry still in process of reaching its full technological and economical potential, innovation and cost reduction are inevitable subject whichever part of the industry one refers to.

Illustration (Image source: High Wind)

This might especially be true with design and engineering, where companies are trying to come up with novel and cost-effective solutions to advance the offshore wind sector, as well as to benefit from the growing market on the basis of their own ingenuity.

Given that the components, but also the wind farms themselves, are growing and moving farther out at sea, the need for new and cost-efficient ways to build and install the offshore wind infrastructure seems to be higher than before.

According to Peter Breit, Business Development Manager at Iv-Oil & Gas, going far offshore poses two main challenges with regard to foundations and transporting power to land.

Watch the entire interview with Peter Breit HERE.

Bosch Rexroth joined forces with Barge Master to bring a new, innovative solution to the offshore wind market. Boy Biemans, Sales Manager Offshore Projects at Bosch Rexroth, discusses the advantages of this cooperation in the following video:

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Ole Jacob Wang Nielsen, General Manager at High Wind, provided details on the company’s journey of bringing Boom Lock from concept to the market.

Watch the entire interview with Ole Jacob Wang Nielsen HERE.

Luke van Adrichem, Technical Manager at Temporary Works Design (TWD), spoke about the involvement of engineering companies in the offshore wind cost reduction.

Watch the entire interview with Luke van Adrichem HERE.

The interviews took place at the first Offshore WIND Expertise Hub, set up during the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2016 in Amsterdam.