Video: Rotterdam Ready for Offshore Wind with Sif Group

Dutch manufacturer of offshore wind foundations, Sif Group, is working full steam at its new facilities in Rotterdam after assembling the first monopiles there at the end of the last month. Expecting to have more than 150 people working in Rotterdam in two years, the company is continuously looking to recruit.

The first monopiles that will leave Sif’s facility at Maasvlakte II are being built for the Galloper offshore wind project off the east coast of the UK.

Last year, the company signed an agreement with the Port of Rotterdam for the construction of a production, storage and load-out terminal at the 42-hectare Maasvlakte II terminal. In July 2016, Sif entered an agreement with BOW Terminal Vlissingen for work on the coordination and implementation of both horizontal and vertical transport for all Sif projects at the new terminal.

The first 150 meters of the new quay will be ready on 23 December, when the first vessels will arrive for the load-out of the monopiles, Sif Group’s CEO Jan Bruggenthijs told Navingo, Offshore WIND’s mother company, in an interview.

Watch the entire interview (to turn on English subtitles click CC at the bottom right of the video):