Thor Freshens Up at Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque

Damen Shiprepair Dunkerque (DSDu) has inspected thrusters of DEME’s DP1 jack-up vessel Thor and repainted its hull in the new DEME livery.

Thor spent four days in one of the yard’s drydocks. A special docking solution was required due to the size of the vessel’s aft thrusters, which are 3.825 metres high and standard dock blocks are just 1.80 metres. The vessel’s four legs were used to maintain the hull at the height required to keep the thrusters clear of the dock bed while the inspection was conducted. In order to spread the considerable load of each leg, wooden platforms were positioned beneath them to ensure that no damage was done to the dock.

Following the successful completion of the assignment, Thor departed for Antwerp.

The vessel is equipped with a crane with a capacity of up to 500 tonnes and can accommodate a maximum of 56 crew members. In the past years it has operated in the territorial waters of Germany, the United Kingdom, and Belgium, where it carried out the general maintenance on the C-Power (Thornton Bank) offshore wind farm in 2015.

Photo: Image source: Damen

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