TenneT: Dutch Unique Approach Leads to Offshore Wind Cost Reduction

TenneT has congratulated DONG Energy for winning the tender to build the wind farms off the coast of Borssele and pointed out that a “globally unique” tendering process approach in the Netherlands leads to drastic reductions in the cost of offshore wind.

TenneT’s CEO Mel Kroon said: “The result of the first tender Borssele is very positive to mention and we look forward to working with Dong Energy to make a success of the first wind farm areas at Borssele. “

TenneT also sees the Dutch approach ideally suited for offshore wind projects after 2023, when cost reduction will still be of high importance.

“We can take advantage of our experience in connecting wind farms in Germany for the Netherlands by coming up with an optimal technical standard concept for five 700-megawatt grid connections. Conversely, the successful Dutch tendering system is now exported to Germany where it will be set for the tendering of offshore wind farms. This proves how important it is for Europe to facilitate and give shape to the required energy transition together,” Kroon said.

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