Siemens Rolls Out 8MW Wind Turbine

Siemens has expanded its portfolio with an 8MW offshore wind turbine. 

Image: Siemens/ archive

The first SWT-8.0-154 will be installed in early 2017 and will allow for up to 10% higher annual energy production (AEP) under offshore wind conditions as compared to the 7MW model, the company said.

Type certification for the 8MW turbine is expected to be obtained at the beginning of 2018.

The SWT-8.0-154 is based on the existing offshore direct drive platform, incorporating only smaller evolutions. The upgrade of the offshore direct drive wind turbine to eight megawatts is made possible through the introduction of new magnet technology with an even higher grade than that introduced in the SWT-7.0-154. This enables a rated power increase of more than 14% from 7.0 to 8.0MW, Siemens explained.

“We are relentlessly working on lowering the levelized cost of energy, and the offshore direct drive platform enables us to do this with the lowest possible risk,” said Michael Hannibal, CEO for Offshore at Siemens’ Wind Power and Renewables Division. “With the same proven reliability as our successful 6 and 7-MW models, the SWT-8.0-154 will be the new benchmark for gearless offshore wind technology on the market.”