Proeon Introduces New Communication Tech for Offshore Industry

Proeon Systems has presented an integrated solution to complement changes in offshore working practices providing multi-level lines of communications to the shore.

The company yesterday held an open event at their facilities in Norfolk, to showcase a technology collaboration with Danish company SAABand BARTEC.

Dorian Hindmarsh, Proeon’s Business Development Manager, said: “The offshore industry is really starting to look at operational costs both in O&G and Renewables sector, and with the application of the right kinds of technology, safety and quality improvement with significant cost reduction can happen.”

 “We are delighted to be working with BARTEC and SAAB on this application though I am sure this systems is sure to meet with objections and misinterpretations of spying and monitoring, but I think now everyone in the industry wants to work more efficiently and communications, cameras, and rapid verification is the method to do this.”

Proeon said it is now working with clients to offer bespoke packages with personal helmet mounted and remote HD ATEX cameras, PDAs and wi-fi communications, to provide direct lines of communication between workers offshore and the technical support and senior engineering team back on beach.

The systems offered could lead to significant headcount reductions offshore for operators with immediate reductions in logistics costs, and increases efficiency of problem solving, according to the company.

Ben Hornsby, Proeon’s Senior Telecoms Engineer said: “With the direct ability to query a situation back to beach whilst the team are actually in front the issue, the time saved in down time, reporting, and solution development is significant. The systems can be tied in to existing communication infrastructures including the UHF and VHF radio, PAGA, etc so instructions, notices and personnel management can be maintained and improved.”

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