PFISTERER Powers DolWin Alpha-DolWin Gamma Bridge Connection

PFISTERER, an energy transmission and distribution specialist, has started the onshore work for equipping the DolWin gamma converter station. 


The 900MW DolWin gamma converter platform is currently being constructed as the third link within the DolWin wind farm cluster.

PFISTERER is in charge of laying all high-voltage and medium-voltage cables, both within the platform and over the bridge connection.

For the first time, the new platform is being connected to its sister platform DolWin alpha by means of a high-performance 155 kV Feltoflex cable with a cross-section of 800 mm². With an overall length of 250 meters, this will be the world’s longest connection between two offshore platforms, PFISTERER pointed out.

Photo: PFISTERER (Click to enlarge)

Until now, converter platforms have normally been connected directly to the mainland by submarine cables. However, the direct connection is profitable for the wind farm operators due to the increased feed-in guarantee, as it is possible to switch between the two platforms as necessary, the company explained.

For the first time, two sister platforms of this kind are being directly connected by means of a flexible high-voltage cable. This significantly increases the guaranteed energy feed-in, PFISTERER said. “The extremely flexible cable is designed to withstand strong winds and rough seas and is routed in sections across a steel suspension bridge.”

By mid-2017 the HV offshore link should be completed.