Semco Maritime Ready for Sandbank OSS Commissioning

Semco Maritime is preparing for the commissioning of the Sandbank offshore wind farm’s substation.

Photo: Semco Maritime

“We have about 20-25 days of intensive offshore work ahead of us,” the company said via social media.

The jacket foundation was installed on 2 May, and the topside was placed on it a few days ago.

In March, MPI Offshore signed a contract for the utilisation of its vessel MPI Adventure at the Sandbank offshore wind farm for accommodation services, lifting operations and provision of supplies during the commissioning works on Sandbank’s offshore substation.

The vessel will also install the wind farm’s turbines, with the work scheduled to start in the summer.

The 288MW Sandbank offshore wind farm is located 90 kilometres off the coast of Sylt in the German North Sea, covering a total area of 60 square kilometres.

The wind farm will comprise 72 Siemens 4MW wind turbines. Offshore construction started in June 2015.

Offshore WIND Staff