NovaVis and VOW Team Up with WAB on Trans-Atlantic Bridge

U.S.-based NovaVis, the Virginia Offshore Wind Coalition (VOW) and Germany’s WAB e.V.; Windenergie-Agentur have agreed to use the NovaVis supply chain technology in order to build the Trans-Atlantic Bridge.

The “bridge” consists of a singular hub of collaboration and exchange among German and U.S. entities. Industry sectors are expected to enjoy next generation technology coordination and collaboration in areas with the ability to formalize partnering arrangements, share information and the creation of project management planning.

“NovaVis recognizes this business agreement with WAB e.V.; Windenergie-Agentur as the path forward to bringing the European experience to the emerging US offshore wind supply chain industry to play a key role in the offshore wind projects along the coast, collectively with the Europeans, the supply chain now has much to offer,” said NovaVis Executive Director, J.J. Keever.

NovaVis is a technology platform focussing on global supply chain economies and logistics. The technology platform identifies the vendors for offshore wind in order to provide a coordinated approach in capturing risk mitigation and cost reduction by virtue of a consolidated approach.

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