Photo of the Day: Port of Esbjerg’s December Look

Offshore WIND’s photo of the day: Sea Challenger loading Gode Wind turbine components at the Port of Esbjerg, while transition pieces (TPs) and monopiles for the Sandbank offshore wind farm are ready for load out.

Photo: Port of Esbjerg
Photo: Port of Esbjerg

Earlier this month, A2SEA’s installation vessel Sea Challenger returned to Port of Esbjerg to load another four wind turbines for the Gode Wind project in the German part of the North Sea. A total of 97 turbines will be installed at Gode Wind, providing green energy for 600,000 households.

Meanwhile, transition pieces and monopiles for the Sandbank Offshore Wind Farm are waiting for load out at the port. The construction of Sandbank, located some 90km off the coast of German island Sylt, started this July. The wind farm will feature 72 Siemens 4MW wind turbines.

Photo: Photo: Port of Esbjerg

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