Ideol, CSC Hook Up for Taiwanese Floating Offshore Wind

Ideol and Group China Steel Corporation (CSC) have agreed to collaborate on floating offshore wind projects in Taiwan.

The collaboration includes designing, engineering and constructing floating offshore wind turbines by using the Damping Pool technology, developed by the French floating foundation specialist.

Areas that have been identified for the first offshore wind projects in Taiwan have water depths ranging from 20 to 60 meters, many facing difficult seabed conditions, Ideol said, adding that its floating technology would allow for the floating offshore wind turbines to be set up in water depths above 30m, on foundations that can be built both in steel or concrete.

“This collaboration recognizes our capability to compete with bottom-fixed solutions in specific environments. 2016 and 2017 will see the installation of our floating technology in France and Japan. We hope that our collaboration with CSC will lead to the construction and installation of our floater in a third country after 2019,” said Paul de La Guérivière, Ideol’s CEO.

“We have good wind energy potential at Taiwan Strait, but facing extreme ocean condition and geological problem. CSC is looking for the best solution in shallow to deep water depth,” said Li-I Wei, CSC’s wind power business vice commissioner, and added that CSC is planning to build a floating offshore wind farm at Taiwan Strait after 2019.

Image: Ideol