Carnegie’s Desal Plant Connected to CETO Wave Plant

Carnegie Wave Energy Limited (CWE) has announced that the world’s first wave energy powered seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant is fully integrated and operational.

Carnegie’s desalination pilot plant on Garden Island (co-located with the Perth Wave Energy Project) was commissioned off the electricity grid earlier this year, and is now fully integrated with the CETO wave energy power plant, meaning that the desalination plant is capable of running both off
the grid and directly off hydraulic power from Carnegie’s wave project, or a combination of both.

The first bottle of wave-powered desalinated water produced was presented by Carnegie’s Chief Operating Officer, Greg Allen, to the Western Australian Minister for Water the Honourable Mia Davies MLA at the Australian Water Association’s (AWA) Annual Western Australian Conference today.

Carnegie’s Wave Powered Desalination Project won the 2014 AWA Innovation award.

Image: Carnegie Wave Energy