EWP Deploys Unit, Announces Gibraltar Project


Eco Wave Power (EWP) installed its improved wave energy power plant in Jaffa Port, Israel, earlier this month.

The upgraded power plant will be working with two floaters. One is “the 1st Generation Floater” and the other is the new and improved “2nd Generation Floater” , which will be tested by EWP, towards its deployment in the wave energy project in Gibraltar.

EWP currently holds projects pipe-line of 111MW. The Company initiated the execution of such pipe-line with a 5MW PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) signed with the Government of Gibraltar, during 2014.

EWP will complete its initial commitments under this PPA, by placing a wave farm comprised of eight 2nd generation floaters on a pier in Gibraltar, by the end of this year. This will be the first phase towards the execution of 5MW in total. The 5MW power plant will provide Gibraltar with 15% of its energy consumption and assist the county in meeting its renewable energy targets by 2020.

“We have come up with smarter components, higher-grade materials, and state of the art controls and automation allowing us to control the system remotely while monitoring its important indicators; this is in parallel to our progress in the deployment of the new power plant in Gibraltar,” said David Leb and Inna Braverman, Founders of Eco Wave Power.

Image: ecowavepowerwave energy power plant