Shattered Helm Window? Seaglaze Marine to the Rescue!

Seaglaze Marine Windows recently responded to an emergency request for replacement of a smashed helm window of a wind farm transfer vessel. Thanks to its dedicated ‘in-house’ Glass Toughening Plant, the company received, manufactured and delivered to the client within a 24 hour period, avoiding the client a contractual penalty as a result of excessive vessel downtime.

Tek Kopec, Assistant Engineering Superintendent for Holyhead Towing Company and Turbine Transfers Ltd said: “We received a call from our vessel ‘Port Diana’, based in Workington, Cumbria, reporting that her centre windscreen had been shattered. I made contact with Seaglaze, as the original suppliers of the glass on our vessels and an estimated delivery time of 72hrs was given, taking into account the non-scheduled running of the glass toughening plant, frame painting and delivery. These times were broadcast within our organisation, and a request to ‘improve’ upon this estimate was asked, so as to avoid any loss of vessel availability for our client.

“Seaglaze agreed to help and initiated the tempering plant and process required to cut the lead time down as much as possible, having the screen manufactured and ready for despatch to site by the following morning and by mid-afternoon the same day, the window had been fitted, and the vessel was ready for operations, on demand and subject to the client’s schedules. 

“No loss of availability was encountered, the crew, our technician and all of us at the Office in Holyhead were most grateful to Seaglaze for their outstanding response and service commitment.”

Image: Seaglaze

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