MPS to Present WaveSub at PRIMaRE

Marine Power Systems (MPS), a Swansea-based developer of technology designed to capture the energy from ocean waves, has been invited to present at the annual conference of the Partnership for Research in Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE).

Dr John Chapman (Chief Engineer) will update attendees on the development of its wave energy converter the WaveSub, which has been designed to exploit the global, abundant wave energy resource.

The paper will specifically discuss one of the device’s main advantages: its ability to adopt a wide range of configurations, mechanically adapting to different sea-states to maximise energy extraction while diminishing the impact of storms.

Its ability to cope with large storms was tested using a scaled model in Plymouth University’s COAST Laboratory Ocean Basin. The effects of a 1-in-200-year storm were applied to the device. The results showed a magnitude reduction in the motion of the device and forces present on the WaveSub during the storm period.

The prototype was designed and developed in collaboration with Swansea University’s SEACAMs project and LCRI Marine.

The PRIMaRE conference will take place at the University of Exeter on June 16 and 17. It will include a special session dedicated to industry developments in this field and academic-industrial collaborations.

PRIMaRE is a global network of world-class research institutions that undertake research and development to address challenges facing the marine renewable energy industry. The body’s aim is to foster a multi-institutional world-class research cluster in all aspects of marine renewable energy.


Image: Seren Global Media

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