Blue Water Backs Baltic 2 Jacket Foundation Work

JV Baltic II Foundations (joint venture between Hochtief and GeoSea) and Blue Water Shipping have cooperated on the project of shipping 41 jacket foundations from Lindo to the Baltic II wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

During the project period from the summer of 2014 until January 2015, JV Baltic II Foundations was offered office facilities in-house at Blue Water Lindo.

“The availability and assistance from Blue Water has been well appreciated throughout the project and has definitely contribute to speed up the load-outs of the jacket-foundations,” says Lutz Stehmeier, Senior Site Manager, JV Baltic II Foundations.

Blue Water also coordinated accommodation for all staff and the cooperation developed as the project progressed.


Kim Thygesen, General Manager of Blue Water Lindo, said: “During the entire project, we have cooperated on the technical management and the operation of the barges and tug boats which were used for the transports. This included ballasting of the barges before, during and after loading, welding tests, securing of the foundations and port agency for the tug boats.

“We cooperated with several ports such as Trelleborg, Malmö and Korsor where the barges called into port for technical upgrading or when they were unable to continue their course towards the installation area due to bad weather. We have therefore also made use of Blue Water’s international network to receive assistance from our colleagues in Copenhagen and Malmö.”

The foundations were sailed from Lindo to the Baltic Sea. There, the wind farm will have eighty 3.6 MW turbines installed. The remaining turbines will be installed on monopiles, which are shipped out of Rostock.

Image: Blue Water Shipping