Exclusive: MHI Denies Ditching SeaAngel

Following recent media writings about Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) canceling further development and giving up on the name of its 7MW “SeaAngel” turbine, Offshore WIND spoke with Tadashi Asahina, MHI’s Deputy General Manager in charge of the offshore wind business development.

He firmly denied that any of his colleagues from either Japan or the UK could confirm the allegations about MHI abandoning the SeaAngel or its name.

Mr Asahina said: “MHI has registered and defined SeaAngel® as a general hydraulic driven offshore wind turbine, not only 7MW. Subject to the hydraulic drive train being on any platform, we call it SeaAngel.”

The company has confirmed that it has been concentrating on the development of its hydraulic drivetrain technology, known as the Digital Displacement® Transmission. The drivetrain is currently being tested as a part of the SeaAngel turbine (MWT 167H/7.0) installed in Hunterston, Scotland. This will further serve as a base for the improvement and installation of the second hydraulically driven wind turbine on a floating platform off Fukushima Prefecture.

MHI has pointed out to Offshore WIND that its offshore wind business currently revolves around MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S (MVOW), the company’s joint venture with Vestas.

Tadashi Asahina explained: “Both parent companies integrated offshore wind business into MVOW since its establishment in April 2014.

“MHI still needs to commercialize this [Digital Displacement® Transmission] technology based on the verification test results in both Hunterston and Fukushima sites.

“After MHI finishes commercialization of the hydraulic drive train, we will seek to call for an early market launch of a turbine based on the V164-8 MW platform and incorporating MHI’s hydraulic drivetrain.”

Offshore WIND Staff; Image: MHI

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