Vattenfall Pulls out of Scottish Waves

Scottish marine renewables sector was dealth another blow after Swedish utility decided to exit a project off the Shetland Islands.

On Friday, Vattenfall announced it has appointed Resolve Group as liquidators for Aegir Wave Power Ltd (AWP), a joint venture with Pelamis Wave Power, which currently had no employees.

AWP was behind a 10MW wave power pilot a few miles off Bigton to that would use Palemis’ generators.

The plan was pulled back in November after Pelamis, failing to secure further funding for its device development, went into administration.

Vattenfall’s Bjorn Bolund said: “In 2009 when we launched Aegir with PWP we had high hopes for wave power off Shetland.

“Unfortunately the wave sector has not developed as planned.”

However, the company added it will re-enter the Scottish wave energy market if conditions improve.

Image: pelamis