Barnshaws Develops Cold Bending for Offshore Wind Industry

Barnshaws Metal Bending announced a new structural steel development that will provide significant construction cost and lead time savings for the offshore wind turbine industry.

Barnshaws Develops Cold Bending for Offshore Wind Industry

The company has now developed methods for cold bending rectangular hollow sections (RHS) for base platform support rings that are used as an integral part of the structure of turbines.

Barnshaws can now curve 400*200*16 RHS and 450*250*16 RHS to 2500 inside radius with very little distortion. Up until now, the manufacture of these critical components has only been possible via more expensive and time consuming heat induction bending methods.

For more extreme configurations, where cold bending is still not a technically feasible option, Barnshaws are able to deploy their expertise in induction bending to meet the required component specification. To demonstrate this capability, the company has recently created 500*300*16 RHS to 2800 centre line radius, again with minimum distortion.


Press Release, July 10, 2014; Image: barnshaws