VIDEO: Corrosion Develops System for Offshore Wind Turbines

Corrosion, a specialist in (corrosion) protection of steel structures, has presented a sophisticated environmental friendly ICCP system that can effectively protect steel wind turbines from corrosion problems for decades.

VIDEO Corrosion Develops System for Offshore Wind TurbinesThe company’s ICCP Anode can give constant protection for wind turbines for more than their 25-year lifetime, without releasing any material that is bad to the environment.

With the old technology, the protection status and down/uploading of data can only be obtained by visiting all the wind turbines one by one at the site, which is time consuming and inefficient. Therefore, Corrosion has redesigned the software and hardware for its High Frequency Power Unit. Now, all the readings, changes of settings and down/uploading of data can be obtained from an office, as the Power Unit can be remotely connected and controlled. 

Check out the video:

Offshore WIND Staff, May 29, 2014; Image: Corrosion