Bladt, NLMK DanSteel to Work on Dong’s Lightweight Foundation

Bladt Industries is to deliver a lightweight foundation to Dong Energy in cooperation with NLMK DanSteel.

Bladt, NLMK DanSteel to Work on Dong's Lightweight FoundationThe foundation is designed by Dong Energy under their offshore Wind Project PISA, which is part of the Carbon Trust’s offshore wind accelerator project. The aim of the project is to lower the weight and costs of offshore foundations without weakening their bearing capacity.

Bladt Industries has delivered close to 1,500 offshore foundations and this business area has grown tremendously for the company within the last decade. Therefore, it is also of great interest for Bladt to bring down the cost of the foundations without compromising on the quality thereby ensuring the future for offshore wind farms.

The production will start up soon and it is expected to finish in the third or fourth quarter this year.


Press Release, May 21, 2014; Image: bladt