Galion Lidar Completes Wind Measurements for South Korean

SgurrEnergy’s pioneering scanning lidar device, Galion Lidar, has been deployed to conduct a 12-month wind measurement campaign for South Korean construction company, SK Engineering & Construction, as part of wind flow modelling and pre-construction development work for a proposed offshore wind farm.

Galion Lidar Completes Wind Measurements for South KoreanA Galion Lidar G4000 Offshore device was deployed onshore, near the coast, in order to measure a large portion of a prospective wind farm site, around 2-4km into the East Sea of Korea. An onshore reference meteorological (met) mast has been commissioned alongside the Galion and this will provide an onshore reference throughout the year-long campaign.

SgurrEnergy, part of Wood Group, is delivering this project from its Glasgow headquarters and Beijing office and the scope of work includes campaign design, device installation and training, data management and analysis, and decommissioning once the campaign is complete.

Jaden Paek, private investment team manager at SK Engineering & Construction, commented: “In the early stages of this project, we are interested to find out about the wind resource at our proposed site. Deploying Galion Lidar will provide a long term prediction based on traceable, accurate offshore measurements.”

SgurrEnergy’s senior renewable energy consultant, Owen Murphy, said: “Using Galion Lidar to provide offshore measurements from an onshore location significantly simplifies the practical aspects of offshore wind resource assessment and provides benefits in terms of reduced costs, permitting and procurement lead times and also reduces risk, as all work can be completed from an onshore location.”

Galion Lidar is a laser-based wind profiler device for wind speed measurement and directional data capture. With its mature remote sensing technology, it is now successfully being used for wind mapping applications globally. Galion Lidar is a pioneering, cutting-edge wind speed measurement technology with a unique all-sky scanning capability and up to 4km range, which is transforming the way that wind is measured and analysed.

Press Release, May 05, 2014; Image: sgurrenergy