RenewableUK Disappointed with Recent Offshore Wind Setbacks

RenewableUK Disappointed with Recent Announcements

Dong Energy announced that the London Array Phase 2 is not proceeding, while Forewind stated that the capacity of Dogger Bank is being scaled back.

Reacting to these announcements, RenewableUK’s Director of Offshore Renewables, Nick Medic, said:

“The overall project pipeline for UK offshore wind is still healthy, although obviously it’s disappointing when projects don’t go ahead or are scaled back. We’re maintaining our global lead, with more capacity installed in UK waters than the rest of the world put together.

“We have 22 offshore wind farms up and running, 5 under construction, 7 with planning consent and 11 awaiting approval. We’ve already installed 3,653 megawatts (MW) of capacity - enough to power more than two and a half million homes. We have a further 16,500MW in the pipeline – that’s four and a half times as much capacity as we have now.

“What we’re seeing now is a leaner, fitter, trimmer offshore wind sector with more streamlined projects. The overall capacity of Dogger Bank has only been reduced by 20% (from 9 gigawatts to 7.2GW), and London Array by 24% (as Phase 2 to would have added close to 200MW).

“There are plenty of positive developments underway - only yesterday DONG Energy announced plans to install the next generation of turbines at Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Wind Farm off the North Wirral coast.

“These will be more powerful than those currently in operation in UK waters, with a capacity of 8MW each - sufficient to power 5,500 British household per year.

“This shows how the technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in the UK’s offshore wind sector.

“All this has been achieved despite the uncertainty caused by Electricity Market Reform and mixed messaging from some parts of Government on its support for the deployment of renewable energy”.

Press release, February 19, 2014