Participants Very Satisfied with OWIB 2013

Participants Very Satisfied with OWIB 2013

A quarter of the participants attending OWIB 2013 represented foreign companies. Many new contacts were made and some of them led to new orders.

A new alliance or simply a new contact? The results differed, but the participants did have one thing in common after having attended a great number of meetings in Esbjerg Performing Arts Centre on Wednesday 11 December, where OWIB (Offshore Wind International Business2Business event) took place. They were all very satisfied with the event. 280 representatives of different companies in the wind industry participated in OWIB. In total 1400 sessions of 15 minutes took place during the first day of OWIB. An increasing number of foreign companies are represented at OWIB – this year, a quarter of participants.

Korean -based Samsung Heavy Industries was one of the foreign companies attending OWIB for the first time. General Manager – Head of EPC Dennis Vestergaard Thomsen represented the company. He had not in advance requested meetings with specific companies but he was very pleased with the sessions taking place.

“It’s been really good. I have met a lot of people in the offshore wind supply chain, who I would not otherwise have met. They presented their products and services very well, and all the inputs I’ll bring home to my organization,” said Dennis Vestergaard Thomsen. 

New orders

Samsung Heavy Industries left OWIB with a lot of opportunities for future cooperation. Other companies came as close as possible to a direct order during the meetings of 15 minutes.

Managing director of Esbjerg -based company Q- Star Energy, Henrik Hansen said:

“We’ve got a lot out of it, including enquiries from other companies. Now we need to follow up on these inquiries, but it is almost the same as a direct order. These inquiries are coming from companies which we haven’t done businesses with before, so it’s very interesting. To us OWIB has been a success,” says the managing director.

Two representatives from Q- Star Energy had a total number of 30 meetings during the first day of OWIB. The company has participated in the Business2Business event since the first time it took place in 2006. It has proven to be resources well spent.

“We think that the Business2Business meetings are a great way to meet business opportunities. Everyone is positive and knows what the meetings are about, when you sit down at the table, “ says Henrik Hansen.

Long-term connections

Henrik Hansen also met people he has previously met at OWIB.

“Sometimes the sessions can have a lasting effect. You remember specialties that you might not need at the time, but might need later. Business2Business meetings are very effective,” he says.

On the second day of OWIB the participants had the opportunity attend a conference about the biggest challenge of the offshore wind sector: “Reducing the Cost of Energy! What is your contribution?” Just like at the Business2Business Event an increasing number of people participated in the conference compared to previous years. Thus, hopes are high for OWIB in next year.

OWIB 2013 is organized by with support from Invest in Denmark. The conference is organized in cooperation with The Danish Wind Industry Association and Esbjerg Business Development Centre. OWIB 2014 will take place September 3.– 4. 2014.


Press release, December 13, 2013