VIDEO: BLG Logistics for Offshore Wind Industry

VIDEO: BLG Logistics for Offshore Wind Industry

BLG Logistics focuses on the renewable sources found right on its doorstep: offshore wind energy. BLG’s decades of experience as an international, seaport-oriented logistics service provider, combined with engineering know-how, makes this possible.

BLG identified the signs of the times early on and created a suitable infrastructure for the industry by preparing the Offshore Terminal ABC-Halbinsel.

On September 13, Bremen’s Economic and Harbor Senator Martin Günthner and Mayor of Bremerhaven Melf Grantz opened the new “Offshore Wind Observation Platform” at BLG’s offshore terminal, where people can find out more about the offshore wind energy throughout the port infrastructure, installation vessels, the manufacturing companies in Bremerhaven as well as arguments and facts about offshore wind energy as the basis of the energy transition.

The following is a video from BLG about its offshore wind logistics:


Offshore WIND Staff, September 17, 2013


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