Scottish Government Funds Commercialisation of Pelamis Wave Energy Device

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Scottish Government Funds Commercialisation of Pelamis Wave Energy Device

The Scottish Government has awarded a share of the Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund (MRCF) to Pelamis Wave Power, to support the commercialisation of the Pelamis wave energy device and parallel site development activities.

Richard Yemm, CEO of Pelamis Wave Power said: “Today’s announcement is a huge boost for our company, technology and partners. The awards will allow us to accelerate the design and deployment of an enhanced variant of the Pelamis P2 machines currently under test in Orkney, as well as supporting the development and consenting of a project site at Farr Point of the north coast of Scotland. Progress on both of these fronts in parallel is vital to ensure that we can deploy the first commercial scale arrays as soon as possible.

“Pelamis Wave Power is in a unique position in the sector with over 15 years of development experience including the construction of six full scale machines, over 10,000 hours of real at sea grid connected experience with a clear route to market through our own project sites and those of our utility customers. The awards announced today will allow us to accelerate our activities bringing all of this experience and momentum together.”


Press release, September 17, 2013; Image: Pelamis Wave Power


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