Dutch Aim at 4.4 GW in Offshore Wind by 2023

Dutch Aim at 4.4 GW in Offshore Wind by 2023

The Netherlands signed a National Energy Agreement for sustainable economic growth on Friday, which among other relevant energy issues, also sets a target to raise the country’s offshore wind capacity to 4,450 MW by 2023. 

A part of the Agreement regarding increasing the country’s renewable energy generation shows that the Dutch want to add 3,450 MW to their current offshore wind capacity in the next decade. It now amounts to 1,000 MW, including the existing wind farms and those already in the pipeline.

Placing the main emphasis on innovation in a demonstration park will contribute to meeting the desired cost targets in subsequent years, according to the Agreement.

Comprising ten “pillars”, the Agreement details actions for the creation of jobs, enabling more investments in energy saving, innovation and training.


Offshore WIND Staff, September 11, 2013; Image: Tideland