Floating Solar Power Station to Be Tested in India

Floating Solar Power Station to Be Tested in India

India could soon see its first prototype of a solar power station floating on water, Hindustan Times informs.

The project’s initiator, and the leader of an expert team which is working on the prototype, is SP Gon Choudhury, Director at Development Consultants Private Limited (DCL Group) and Vice Chairman at Calcutta Institute of Technology.

The demonstration project involves installation of a prototype of a floating solar power station in the pond of Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. It comprises solar panels (and other solar equipment) fitted on a platform with hollow plastic or tin drums, which floats on water.

Mr Choudhury explains the advantage of a solar panel installed on water surface: “Studies have also shown that if the rear surfaces of solar panels are kept cooler, then their ability to generate power goes up by 16%. As these solar panels would be floating on water, they are expected to stay cool and hence we can generate more power than those set up on land.”

The prototype would cover around 100 sq metres and would be able to generate 10 KW of power. It is expected to be commissioned by 2014.


Offshore WIND Staff, August 19, 2013; Image: SPG Solar

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