Norway: Inwind, OSC Develop 3D Offshore Crane Simulator

Norway: Inwind, OSC Develop 3D Offshore Crane Simulator

Inwind has developed 3D offshore crane simulator together with Offshore Simulator Centre (OSC) in Aalesund, Norway. The first version of this simulator is now completed.

The crane simulator will allow Inwind to simulate lifting of wind turbine and foundation components from feeder barges/vessels onto to Inwind Installer deck, and subsequently the full installation process under realistic offshore environmental conditions.

Simulating the entire installation process prior to moving offshore will allow the client, installation contractor, marine warranty surveyor and other involved parties to jointly test and optimise decklayout and installation methods, and thus reduce the installation time required offshore significantly leading to earlier power production and lower cost of energy.

The simulator can also be used for training related to interfaces and communication between crane drivers, marine and installation crew, and thereby minimize the risk of health and safety related incidents, while maintaining high installation efficiency, and reducing the learning curve. Training of personnel prior to moving offshore is especially important for the industry as the current and expected growth rates will lead to many new employees with limited or no experience entering the business.

The development of the simulator has been partly funded by Innovation Norway.


Press release, August 13, 2013; Image: OSC