Windreich Congratulates BARD on Offshore Wind Farm Completion (Germany)

Windreich Congratulates BARD on Offshore Wind Farm Completion (Germany)

Dipl.Wirt.Ing. (FH) Willi Balz has congratulated BARD on the completion of the BARD Offshore 1 offshore wind farm construction.

The wind farm consists of 80 turbines with a total capacity of 400 MW, which can produce enough electricity for more than one million people in the Ruhr area.

“In spite all the setbacks, BARD was able to construct the first commercial 400 MW offshore wind farm around 100 km offshore in the North Sea.

Initiated by  Windreich, Global Tech I is the next wind farm on schedule to be constructed over a period  of less than two years in the German North Sea, the world’s most suitable region for offshore wind energy,” said the founder, sole shareholder and CEO of Windreich.

The completion of the first 400 MW wind farm will contribute to the final breakthrough of the young German offshore wind industry. It is now clear that the construction of wind farms in locations with good wind conditions far offshore has become a reality.

The German government plans to have 10,000 MW of offshore wind power installed by 2020. BARD and Windreich have successfully delivered as promised, and have shown that they are among the main drivers of the energy transition in this country.


Offshore WIND Staff, August 5, 2013; Image: bard-offshore



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