The Netherlands: Multipurpose Terminal in Eemshaven Completed

Buss Group. Verladung von Rotorblättern. Eemshaven, den 6.03.2013

The opening ceremony for the Orange Blue Terminal was held , just two years after the signing of the leasehold contract. The over 20 hectare large multipurpose terminal located on the Dutch side of the mouth of the Ems River was already operating as a marshalling port for offshore wind logistics during construction.

This gave the approximately 200 guests at the opening celebration a fabulous view of the terminal, which is already operating at half capacity. At present, the plant sections of the Trianal Windpark Borkum are being consolidated and preassembled at Eemshaven.

 „The decision to establish a terminal in the Netherlands was right on the money,“ said Heinrich Ahlers, CEO of Buss Port Logistics, at the opening. Due to the excellent cooperation with Dutch authorities and Groningen Seaports a fully functional operation could be established in a short period of time, which above all, fulfills the requirements of offshore wind logistics.

Harm Post, Managing Director of Groningen Seaports, sees Buss Group’s investment as essential for the development of Eemshaven in the offshore wind energy industry. „This is the confirmation that the Eemshaven location is optimal for the construction of offshore wind parks along the Dutch and German coast. The short channel navigation required of the expensive special vessels is a decisive competitive edge for the construction and maintenance of these parks. Eemshaven is also an ideal location, since locks do not impede the voluminous shipments.“

Buss, the port service provider, with its Orange Blue Terminal, and the offshore wind turbine manufacturer, AREVA, are utilizing the location’s benefits for the efficient construction of future wind parks. The first joint project is the Trianel Windpark Borkum. The components of the 40 AREVA 5 megawatt wind turbines will be handled, temporarily warehoused, and pre-assembled at the Orange Blue Terminal.

A highly efficient port operation was established at Julianahaven with a logistics area of approximately 216,000 m2 and a quay length of 694 m. The port’s equipment and location qualify the terminal to handle all types of cargo. Services for the energy sector will be the focus of operations. This includes handling and all port services. Even the technical equipment, e.g., a heavy lift platform at the loading quay, is geared toward the needs of offshore wind logistics. In addition, the latest generation installation ships can reach the port easily without the need for channel navigation and can be jacked up there.

 „We found the ideal conditions there to plan and establish a marshalling port for the offshore wind industry. As an expert for project cargo, wind energy with its complex logistics, is a significant development for an additional business area,“ according to Ahlers.

Orange Blue Terminal is one of Buss Port Logistics’ ten multipurpose terminals. On board is the Dutch partner, Uniteam Projects B.V., a subsidiary of Marico Holding. Marico Holding includes logistics, as well as shipping companies. In addition to offshore wind projects, Orange Blue successfully passed the test during its construction phase in the handling of other types of cargo, such as the transshipment of generators, equipping a cruise liner or loading Dutch military vehicles. In August a new offshore project is scheduled at the terminal, the dismantling of an oil and gas platform located near Borkum. One of the world’s strongest floating cranes, the Matador 3, will bring the platform from the North Sea to the Orange Blue Terminal and place it on the loading quay for dismantling.

The guests of honor at the colorful opening celebration included members of the Dutch government, and representatives from the transport and port industries, and offshore wind sector. Max van den Berg, Queen’s Commissioner in Groningen; Marc Boumans, Regional Minister for Transport, Environment and Water in Groningen, and Mayor Marijke van Beek expressed their best wishes to the young company comprised of two experienced logistics service providers, who have joined forces across the border. Many guests used the opportunity to take a tour of the terminal and a boat ride in the port in order to fully comprehend the dimensions of the offshore marshalling port.

Additional offshore wind logistics projects, as well as for other goods are in the works for Orange Blue, the capacity exists. Decisive for development is the continued implementation of the German energy policy. „We created an offshore wind terminal without state funding and have already proven ourselves. We are well prepared for the new projects,“ according to Ahlers.


Press release, June 26, 2013; Image: ea-terminal-sassnitz