China Longyuan Power Hosts Symposium on Offshore Wind Power Development

China Longyuan Power Hosts Symposium on Offshore Wind Power Development

On May 7, the symposium on offshore wind power development organized by China Guodian Corporation and undertaken by China Longyuan Power was held in Nantong, Jiangsu province.

Xie Changjun, member of the Party Leadership Group and vice President of China Guodian Corporation, Liu Xuehai, director of Hydropower and New Energy Development Department, Li Enyi, President of China Longyuan Power, and Huang Qun, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of China Longyuan Power attended the meeting. Xie Changjun delivered an important speech, and Li Enyi made an address.

Xie Changjun recognized the achievements on offshore wind power development made by China Guodian Corporation, and analyzed situations and issues involved in offshore wind power development. Xie Changjun said, China Longyuan Power overcame numerous difficulties and made successful exploration in offshore wind power development, which was an outstanding contribution to China Guodian Corporation. In the meantime, Xie Changjun also pointed out that, as a new industry, offshore wind power in China had some gap in construction technology and wind turbine quality compared with foreign companies. Therefore, more efforts should be made in technological innovations, and accelerate offshore wind power development in areas with rich resources. Meanwhile, attention should be paid to wind turbine lectotype selection to improve offshore wind power efficiency and quality.

As to the next work, Xie Changjun requested that, all units involved in offshore wind power development must be well aware of its opportunities and challenges, and contribute to the Corporation’s strategy of “Instructing Enterprise Transformation by Vigorously Developing New Energy” with scientific and orderly work. First, Thoughts should be unified and understanding should be enhanced to give full play to the experience and advantages the Group had made in new energy and high-tech fields. Second, plans should be made in advance and opportunities should be first seized to occupy the offshore wind power resources. Third, system and mechanism should be improved and professional management should be stressed to clarify investment relationship. Fourth, projects should be implemented in orderly steps, and emphasis should be placed on optimal design and scientific model selection to reduce engineering cost. Fifth, communication and management relationship should be enhanced between departments and subsidiaries to jointly facilitate preliminary work of offshore wind power development. Sixth, formulating short, medium and long-term offshore wind power development goals to avoid technology, construction, operation and maintenance and policy risks for steady progress.

Li Enyi pointed out that offshore wind power was an important aspect for wind power development in the future. At present, the offshore wind power capacity put into operation in China was only 390MW, suggesting huge potential and space for development. In the past 5 years, China Longyuan Power had made positive exploration in offshore wind power development. It constructed the domestically largest offshore (intertidal zone) wind power plant in Rudong Jiangsu with an installed capacity of 232MW, and mastered core technologies such as single pile driving. The 400MW offshore wind power project of Longyuan Nanri had obtained preliminary permission from the National Energy Administration. This was the first offshore wind power project for the company, which would lay firm foundation for China Longyuan Power to keep scale and technology leading advantages.

Li Enyi stressed, offshore wind power development was an important strategy for China Longyuan Power to facilitate enterprise transformation, explore future market, occupy dominant position, and continue its leading position in the industry. Under the guidance of “Instructing Enterprise Transformation by Vigorously Developing New Energy” strategy of China Guodian Corporation, China Longyuan Power would accelerate its steps in offshore wind power development, and try its best to make larger contributions to the Corporation for its continuous advantage in offshore wind power development and healthy development of China’s offshore wind power industry.

At the meeting, China Longyuan Power, Guodian Zhejiang Company, Guodian Tech introduced their experience in offshore wind power construction, maintenance, preliminary application and equipment model selection. Other units discussed and shared information on offshore wind power development.

After the seminar, delegates visited Longyuan Rudong offshore wind power project.

Delegates from subsidiaries of China Guodian Corporation, research institutions and relevant grass-root institutions attended the symposium.


Press release, May 15, 2013; Image: clypg

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