South Korean Inventor Designs Combined Offshore Power Generation Structure

South Korean Inventor Designs Combined Offshore Power Generation Structure

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published a patent of a combined offshore power generation structure on May 2, designed by a South Korean inventor Hwal Jin Jang.

The summary of the invention says:

In recent years, offshore wind power generation structures, offshore tidal power generation structures, and offshore wave power generation structures have been provided as individual structures and have been independently installed, operated, and managed.

Although the above described structures are provided as superior individual power generation structures, since wind, tidal energy, and waves, which are power sources for generating energy, are not always regular or stable, the power sources may be complementary and interact with each other in terms of power generation efficiency and stability.

To this end, the present invention relates to a single structure in which at least two individual power generation structures from among an offshore wind power generation structure, an offshore wave power generation structure, and an offshore tidal power generation structure are combined.

The WIPO has recently published a patent of another South Korean wind power invention ‒ a pitch bearing of a wind power generator, which was designed by Yong Chun Kim.


Offshore WIND Staff, May 6, 2013; Image: WIPO