Zaratan: 3 Monopiles in 36 Hours (Germany)

Zaratan 3 Monopiles in 36 Hours (Germany)

Following the news that almost 60 monopiles had been completed on 18 March, specialised jack-up vessel Seajacks Zaratan continues installation at a rapid pace at the Meerwind Offshore Park, installing 3 monopiles in just under 1 and a half days.

Zaratan collected the three 675t steel structures from the construction port of Cuxhaven on the evening of Thursday 11th April. After completing the 110km transit in 7 hours, Zaratan was jacked up at the first location ready to commence operations on Friday lunchtime and had completed hammering of the third pile by midnight on Saturday, resulting in a net installation time of 35 hours.

Zaratan is currently in port loading the last batch of monopiles, which will conclude this phase of construction. Such an impressive performance by the new installation vessel and its experienced crew means that monopile installation is scheduled to be completed on schedule by the end of April.


Press release, April 21, 2013; Image: seajacks

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