VDMA: German Government Clogs Investment in Energy Transition

VDMA: German Government Clogs Investment in Energy Transition

German mechanical engineers are criticizing the poor management of energy transition by the Federal Government.

Due to a lack of reliable framework conditions, investments have already been postponed and the construction of offshore wind farms has practically ceased, assessed Thorsten Herdan, energy policy spokesman of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) in an interview for the VDI news.

“Our electricity market is not currently designed for integration of the rapidly growing share of renewable energies. Political action is long overdue, and unfortunately, the political response to this situation in the form of the proposed ‘electricity price-brake’ is completely wrong,” said Herdan. “They unsettled investors, industry and ultimately the society.”

“The discussion about the electricity price-brake sends many engineering companies in a large valley of uncertainty,” said Herdan. “In general, it can be seen that at the moment almost no project runs in accordance with its planned duration.”

Herdan portrays the consequences of the announced electricity price- brake and possible interference with the ongoing projects for offshore wind farms. The investments had come to a virtual standstill. “Now investors in these offshore wind farms are so insecure that they don’t want to trigger the next wave of investments that should really come now for the next wave of wind farms,” said Herdan.


Offshore WIND Staff, April 8, 2013; Image: Alpha Ventus


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