Germany: Crane Vessel Stanislav Yudin Transports Tripods to Trianel Wind Farm Borkum

The beginning of the month of March has seen the crane vessel, Stanislav Yudin, launch the transportation of tripods from the offshore terminal in Bremerhaven BLG to the Trianel Wind Farm Borkum.

The vessel has been transporting two by two of these up to 900 ton and 60 meter high tripods to the construction site situated 45km offshore.

Currently 21 of the 40 tripods are anchored. Until the end of April, all the tripods for Trianel Wind Farm Borkum will be placed.

The 183 meter long and 36 meter wide, heavy-duty specialist Stanislav Yudin can lift heavy loads up to 2,500 tons with its fully revolving on-board crane.

Dutch Seaway Heavy Lifting is the owner and operator of Stanislav Yudin.


Offshore WIND staff, March 06, 2013; Image: blg